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MoBiMouse Plus Electronic Dictionaries

In 1999 the MoBiMouse dictionary system was awarded the European IST Prize, and in 2004 the Prize for one of the most innovative IST-awarded technology.

Our MoBiMouse Plus electronic dictionary is an advanced version of MoBiMouse, in which word and expression search is possible both with the „bubble” method and the traditional "type" method known from MoBiDic dictionaries. The use of the MoBiMouse dictionaries is simple: neither typing, nor mouse clicking is required. The meanings of the word you point the mouse cursor to and the expressions it forms with the neighbouring words appear in a bubble. By removing the cursor the bubble disappears. The whole dictionary entry belonging to a particular word can also be displayed in the MoBiDic window. You can search in more than one MoBiMouse Plus dictionaries installed on your PC parallelly.
MoBiMouse Plus can be used on the whole Windows screen, at the interface of any application. In following applications text recognition is independent of font type and size: MS Office (2000 and up), Internet Explorer (6.0 and up), Adobe Acrobat (4.0 and up), Mozilla Firefox.


For a more convenient search sort MoBiMouse Plus dictionaries by language (English, German and other).