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Purchasing Information

Using the Shop

We have tried to build a shop with services and features that help you find and order the product you are looking for easily and quickly. The functionality of the shop has been adjusted primarily to the needs of regular brick-and-mortar shoppers, with a couple of more ideas to help shopping.


To help you find the most suitable product, we try to provide you with the most information and suggestions possible for the chosen product. You can browse our product catalogue in several ways. By clicking a product group, the detailed list of products belonging to the group is displayed. The list can be filtered and ordered for the most appopriate overview. Here you can choose from the products and by clicking More you are redirected to the product page containing the detailed product page. You can see the prices next to the products, and can add them to your shopping basket.
If you already know the name of the product you are looking for, you can directly access the product page by entering the product name in the search box in the upper right corner.

Product page

Displays the details of the chosen product. The various tabs contain the general information sheet, product FAQ, evaluation versions, upgrades etc.The price is displayed next to the product, and can add it to your shopping basket.


Product prices are shown both in the product list and on the product pages. In addition, you can also find them in our price list. Several of our products have a boxed and a downloadable version that can be activated by a product serial number. You can read more about using the product serial number here.


You can place your order by clicking the Order button on the Your basket page, where you can also modify or clear the contents of your basket. When placing an order, you have to fill out the data sheet. You can enter your delivery and invoicing address, and choose a payment method. Of course, by entering different delivery and invoicing addresses, it is possible to send gifts from our shop.


Currently the ordered products are sent through postal delivery.
For more information on postage, click here.
If you purchase a product with a product serial number and choose to pay by card, you will receive the product online. The invoice is sent by registered mail at MorphoLogic's expense.

Payment by cash on delivery

The delivery is to be paid to the delivery person handing over the package. The amount contains both the sum of the bill of parcels and the cost of delivery. The amount of postage is calculated by the shop and indicated separately. An invoice including VAT for the purchased product is issued and sent along with the product.

Online payment by bank card

You may choose to pay by bank card using the online payment service powered by OTP Bank. Your card details are sent to the bank through a secure, 128-bit encrypted connection. Accepted card types: Visa and EC/MC embossed cards. (Electron cards cannot be used.)
Products are sent within 1 working day. Postage is calculated automatically, and you will be charged the amount including it.

After choosing a product, click Payment by card. To start the transaction, click Payment by card online. You are then redirected to the OTP server, where you have to enter your card number and the expiry date. You also have to enter the three-digit CVC2 code found below the magnetic strip on embossed cards. If you don't have an embossed card, leave this field empty.

Where can I find the CVV/CVC on my card?

The CVV/CVC (Card Verification Value or Code) is displayed on the front of certain embossed cards. If you have such a card, enter the code.

If you have a MasterCard or Visa card, the CVV code is a three-digit number on the back of the card, on the signature line (the last 3 digits):

If your card does not have a CVV/CVC, leave this field blank. The transaction will still be successful.

After starting the transaction, please wait as the transaction may take a few minutes.

When the transaction is completed, you are returned to the shop. If payment by card fails, try again or choose a different payment method.

Orders are processed in the regular working hours on weekdays. If you encounter problems while shopping, please contact our Customer Service.