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By entering any website of MorphoLogic Localisation Ltd., including websites ending in .hu, .com, .eu  (hereinafter referred to as Website) you agree to the following terms and conditions, even in the case if you are not a registered user of the system:
The content of the Website is the exclusive intellectual property of MorphoLogic Localisation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Service Provider).

The Service Provider reserves all rights to copy and distribute any part of the Website by any means or method. The content of the Website is protected by Hungarian and international law.

Without prior written consent of the Service Provider it is forbidden to process or sell the Website or any part thereof (text, graphics, trademark, picture, data structure, structure, procedure, programme, etc.). You may print or save parts of the Website to your hardware only for private purposes. However, even in this case, you may not use, distribute, store in a database, make available for download or trade with these multiplied parts of the Website.

The entire Website, including all advertisements, is protected by copyright. You may not cut any parts and disclose by any method the parts cut from the Website.

Moreover, without prior written permission of the Service Provider, you may not mirror, i.e. redistribute by any technology, even in unaltered form, the content of the Website.

Unauthorized use of the Website will result in civil and criminal consequences.

Information acquired from the Website may only be used by reference to the Website, provided that the user shall not alter the original information and shall refer explicitly to the Website in every further reference.

The Service Provider strives for providing accurate and authentic information, however, shall not be liable for damages caused by the information.

Unauthorized use will result in civil and criminal consequences. MorphoLogic Localisation Ltd. may demand the cessation of the infringements and compensation for the damage caused.