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EuroTermBank - Pan-European terminology database
The EuroTermBank project focuses on harmonisation and consolidation of terminology work in new EU member states, transferring experience from other European Union terminology networks and accumulating competencies and efforts of the accessed countries. The project will result in a centralized online terminology bank for languages of new EU member countries interlinked to other terminology banks and resources. Although EuroTermBank is addressed directly towards Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, the project is open to other new EU member states and interested countries and organizations outside EU. It will also enable exchange of terminology data with existing national and EU terminology databases by establishing cooperative relationships, aligning methodologies and standards, designing and implementing data exchange mechanisms and procedures. Through harmonisation, collection and dissemination of public terminology resources, EuroTermBank will strongly facilitate enhancement of public sector information and strengthen the linguistic infrastructure in the new EU member countries.
  • Tilde (Latvia): project management and system development and implementation.
  • Institute for Information Management (IIM, Germany): Networking, development of organizational and legal frameworks.
  • Center for Sprogteknologi (CST), University of Copenhagen
  • Institute of Lithuanian Language (LKI, Lithuania): awareness, dissemination, marketing, exploitation, and collection of Lithuanian resources, national awareness creation.
  • Latvian Academy of Science (LAS, Latvia): content selection, acquisition and processing, collection of Latvian resources, national awareness creation.
  • MorphoLogic (Hungary): user needs assessment, system evaluation and elaboration, national awareness creation.
  • Department of Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Tartu (TU, Estonia): system testing and evaluation, collection of Estonian resources, national awareness creation.
  • The Information Processing Centre (OPI, Poland): collection of Polish resources, national awareness creation.