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László Tihanyi

Director of Machine

Translation Business Unit,

co-founder and co-owner

Electrical engineer. He has been doing research and development work in the field of computer engineering since 1988. Developer of the first version of the spell checking program Helyes-e? (the language database of which was created by Gábor Prószéky Gábor). Co-founder of the firm MorphoLogic with Gábor Prószéky and Miklós Pál in 1991. Developer of the first Hungarian thesaurus program Helyette widely known from Microsoft Word. In 1994 he created the first version of the MoBiDic electronic dictionary, which served as a base for today's MoBiMouse. Between 1994 and 2000 he created the electronic version of numerous paper dictionaries, among them the English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English comprehensive dictionaries by the Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In this field he has great merits in the popularization of the XML (at that time SGML) technology (MULTEX project). In 2000 he created a lemmatizing module based on the Humor morphological parser for Microsoft, which is now available in several Microsoft applications (e.g. Indexing Service).
In 2000 he initiated the development of the MetaMorpho translation software and has been the head of the developer team since then. Executive Director of MorphoLogic's Machine Translation Department since April 2005.

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