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Our proofing tools include spell checking, hyphenating, grammar and style checking programs as well as a thesaurus. Proofing tools are available as products integrated in different text editors and desktop publishers.
The different proofing tools have similarly sounding names: Helyes-e? - spell checker, Helyesel - hyphenator, Helyesebb - grammar and style checker and Helyette - thesaurus. All four programs are sold together under the name Helyesek package.

Supported text editors and desktop publishing programs

The language tools of most text editors and desktop publishers can be extended by Hungarian or other language solutions. The feature set of our products is adjusted to these, e.g. if a program supports only hyphenation as an external solution, we can only offer a hyphenator to it. From our proofing tools the spell ckecker is most frequently used in text edtors and the hyphenator in desktop publishers.

Microsoft Office

In the Hungarian versions of Microsoft Office applications – Office 97, Office 2000, Office XP és Office 2003 – all four language services are provided by our programs.

The Helyesek program package includes a spell checker, a hyphenator, a grammar and style checker and a thesaurus, while Helyes-e? offers the first two. The same products for the English and other non-Hungarian versions of Microsoft Office are available in our office.

For the Macintosh versions of Microsoft Office only Helyes-e? (the spell checker and the hyphenator) is available.

For several products licences can be purchased. In case of interest please contact our Sales Department.

Proofing Tools for Microsoft Office Programs


We support the QuarkXPress desktop publisher under Mac OS as well as Windows operating systems. A hyphenator and a spell checker is available for the versions 4, 5, 6 and 6.5, and they will soon be available for version 7. Different versions of QuarkXPress require different language modules. Owners of earlies versions can by ou products for these at an upgrade price.

Attention! Our products can not be used with the American (US English) versions of QuarkXPress.

Hyphenator and Spell Checker for QuarkXPress

Adobe InDesign

We support versions 2, CS (3) and CS2 (4) of InDesign under Windows, and 2.0 under Macintosh, but soon we launch our products supporting the versions CS and CS2. Upgrade is possible.

Hyphenator and Spell Checker for InDesign

Adobe PageMaker

We support PageMaker versions 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0 under Windows. Upgrade is possible.

Hyphenator and Spell Checker for PageMaker

Corel Ventura

We support Corel Ventura 7.0, 8.0 and 10.0 versions. Upgrade is possible.

Hyphenators for Ventura