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Frequently Asked Questions about Helyes-e?/QXT6 Mac

Below you find some additional information to the Help file of Helyes-e?/QXT6 Mac. Our Support Team has collected the answers given to the most frequently asked questions.

I have installed the program but it does not handle even simple words.

Please read the Help file of the program where you can find the suggested configuration, too.

In case of the QuarkXPress International English version Helyes-e? should be assigned to International English, and this version of QuarkXPress does not support the change of the language of the loaded document. Therefore the language of the loaded document should be International English.

The hyphenation of words with long accented vowels does not function properly.

Choose another code page. Further information in the Help file.

The installer does not function under Quark 6.5.

Please download the manual installer.

When starting Quark the File open error (199 or 48) message appers.

Delete the Codesco folder. In OSX it can be found under Library/Preferences.
After restart Quark will ask for the activation data again.

If you still need help, please contact us. Give your e-mail address and our Support Team will send the possible solution to you or ask for further information if necessary.