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MorphoWord Plus
Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is a supplement to MorphoWord Plus Help. We recommend you to read the help file also.

MorphoWord Plus icons disappeared from the Toolbar. How can I get the MorphoWord toolbar back?

Check whether the Word Toolbars (View/Toolbars) contains MorphoWord Plus, and is enabled (checked).
MS Office 2003 sometimes disables the program. Check the list under Help/Microsoft Office/Banned elements. If you find MorphoWord here then enable its operation again.

MorphoWord Plus inserts the source text twice.

MorphoWord Plus works properly only in Insert mode in Word. Turn the your Word back to Insert mode inTools\Settings\Edit\Overwite selected .

MorphoWord Plus leaves words untranslated.

Generally it is caused by misspelled words or missing space after punctuations. It is worth to spell check the document before translation.


I got "Error 1715" MorphoWord Plus activation. What does it mean?

MorphoWord can be used only one computer at the same time. If you change your machine or reinstall the operation system before one year you must contact us. This message means that you have exceeded your activation limit.

If you could not find the answer or your problem is not solves yet please contact us Send us your e-mail address, and the MT Support Team will reply to you in two days time.