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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is a supplement to MorphoWord Pro Help. We recommend you to read the help file also.

I got "No Connection with the Server" message. 

If you installed the MetaMorpho server to serve translation requests from other computers, then you have to enable MmoSrvService.exe in your Windows Firewall to communicate with the other computers in your local area network.


I got "A hardverkulcs nincs csatlakoztatva" meassage when I turn on my computer.

This can happen if you have chosen the automatic start of the translation server, and removed your hardware key while the computer was turned off. Keep the hardware key in the USB-port. Alternatively, reinstall the program and choose Service used on a single machine and Service starts at the first translation options.

I got "A hardverkulcs nincs csatlakoztatva" meassage when I wanted to use Word.

This can happen if you have removed your hardware key while the Word was running. Connect your hardware key in the USB-port and exit from Word. Now you can remove the hardware key and restart Word.

MorphoWord inserted the source text twice.

MorphoWord works properly only in Insert mode. Turn your Word back to Insert mode atTools\Settings\Edit\Overwite selected.

MorphoWord leaves words untranslated.

Generally it is caused by misspelled words or missing space after punctuations. It is worth to spell check the document before translation.



If you could not find the answer or your problem is not solves yet please contact us Send us your e-mail address, and the MT Support Team will reply to you in two days time.