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Frequently Asked Questions - MoBiMouse 6 Product Line

This FAQ complements the MoBiMouse 6 Help. Our support team has compiled a list of solutions to the most common problems.

General Questions, Hardware & Software Requirements

Installation & Removal



Text recognition

Dictionary Content, Searching in the Dictionary

Displaying entries



General Questions, Hardware & Software Requirements

Minimum hardware and software requirements

RAM: 256 MByte
CPU: Pentium
HDD: 80–100 MByte / dictionary
OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (including 64-bit versions)

Internet connection is required to activate the software.

How to display the MoBiMouse menu?

After starting the program, right-click on the MoBiMouse icon in the system tray.

How to start MoBiMouse Help?

Help can be found in the program menu and in the Windows start menu under Start / All Programs / MoBiMouse 6.

Will MoBiMouse slow down my computer?

Not significantly. CPU load will increase only while waiting for the bubble or the dictionary window to come up.

Can MoBiMouse translate running text, i.e. whole sentences?

No. MoBiMouse is a dictionary, helping you to understand foreign words and phrases. For text translation, use MorphoLogic’s machine translation software.

I purchased MoBiMouse Plus earlier, how can I get the latest version?

  • To update a MoBiMouse 6 product (or its components and dictionaries) to the latest version, you can use MorphoLogic Updates. An internet connection is required for product activation and downloading updates.
  • The MoBiMouse 6 Installer does not remove MoBiMouse Plus and related dictionary files from your computer. After installing MoBiMouse 6, we recommend removing the old version using Control Panel.
  • Please read MoBiMouse 6 Help to learn about new features.

Installation and Removal

How to remove MoBiMouse 6 “manually”?

We recommend removing MoBiMouse 6 with the uninstall program provided with the product, which can be found in Start / All Programs / MoBiMouse 6 / Uninstall MoBiMouse 6.
If, for some reason, you prefer removing the software from your computer manually, follow the instructions below:

  1. Delete the MoBiMouse 6 folder and all its contents. The default location of this item is C:\Program Files\MBMP6 or C:\Program Files\MBM6
  2. Delete folder C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\MorphoLogic/MBMP6 (Windows XP) or C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\MorphoLogic\MBMP6 (Vista and Windows 7)
  3. Start regedit.exe from Start/Run… and delete the key HKLM/Software/MorphoLogic/Dictionaries6 from the Windows registry

Is it possible to change the language of MoBiMouse’s user interface to English?

Yes. Choose English as the default language during program installation.

You can also change the language of the interface by starting the program with the following command line parameters:

  • English: mobimouse.exe /lENG
  • Hungarian: mobimouse.exe /lHNG

The chosen language will remain active until you change the command line parameter again.


What is product activation?

After installing MoBiMouse, the program will run in demo mode only until you activate it proving that you purchased the software. At each startup, MoBiMouse will warn you that it is running in demo mode and you need to activate it before you can use it without restrictions.

How can I activate the software?

To activate, you need your product serial number and an active internet connection so that MoBiMouse can connect to our activation server.

Since version 6.1, you can activate MoBiMouse without an internet connection, however you will need access to a computer that does have an internet connection. Read more about this activation option in Help/Activating the MoBiMouse dictionaries/Activating new dictionaries/No internet connection.

How to find my product serial number?

Depending on how you purchased MoBiMouse, you will find the serial number

  • on a sticker on the packaging or on a card inside the CD/DVD case – if you purchased MoBiMouse from a retailer
  • on the order confirmation form and the invoice - if you purchased MoBiMouse online
  • in the license agreement in the case of volume licensing

If you are running a demo version and you have not purchased MoBiMouse yet, you can order a serial number here.

Do I need an internet connection to activate the product?

Yes. You cannot activate without an internet connection, because activation involves connectiong to our servers.

Since version 6.1, you can activate MoBiMouse without an internet connection, however you will need access to a computer that does have an internet connection. Read more about this activation option in Help/Activating the MoBiMouse dictionaries/Activating new dictionaries/No internet connection.

Do I need an internet connection to use the product (after activation)?

No. Activation is a one-time process, and the authorization code is stored locally on your computer. MoBiMouse does not require an internet connection to run.

Will my MoBiMouse licence be invalidated if I reformat my hard drive?

No. If you reinstall MoBiMouse on the same computer, you will be allowed to re-activate the product automatically.

How to perform product activation?

When you start MoBiMouse, the program will warn you that it has un-activated dictionaries. You can activate the product by clicking the Activate the Dictionary radio button and entering the serial number in the text box labeled Serial Number. Press Next, and wait until activation is finished. The process may take 1-2 minutes depending on your connection speed and dictionary size. MoBiMouse will notify you of the success or failure of activation in a message box.

I entered the serial, but I received an Invalid serial or similar error message. I re-checked the serial, but I keep getting the same message. What can I do now?

This problem often occurs if you have more than one dictionary installed, and you are trying to activate the wrong dictionary. MoBiMouse asks for serial numbers for each dictionary in the order of their installation. Please check that you are activating the dictionary matching the serial number. The name of the current dictionary can be found at the top of the dialog box. If it is not the dictionary that you’re trying to activate, choose Demo mode and click next.

I activated MoBiMouse successfully, but then I started the program under a different user account and it is asking for re-activation. What should I do?

Activate the product for all user accounts with the same serial number. Your license is valid for all users of the same computer.

How many times can I re-install and re-activate the product?

You can re-install and re-activate MoBiMouse on the same computer without limitation. However, your license is valid only for one computer (or the number specified in your license agreement). If you are trying to activate MoBiMouse on a new computer, our activation server may allow you to activate if enough time has passed since the last activation. If activation fails, and you believe you are not infringing the license agreement, please contact product support.

On how many computers can I activate MoBiMouse using the same serial number?

Your serial number is valid for one computer, unless otherwise stated in your license agreement.

May I give my serial number to someone else?

No. Normally we grant the right to use the software on a single computer, and your copy is uniquely identified by its serial number. If you purchase more than one license, your serial number is valid for the number of computers specified in your license agreement, and you are allowed to give your product serial to the users of those computers.

What happens if somebody else uses my serial number or makes it public?

You will soon lose your right to re-activate your copy of MoBiMouse.

What can I do if someone gets hold of my serial number illegitimately and I cannot activate my copy of MoBiMouse?

Contact product support.


I cannot see the MoBiMouse icon in the system tray, but when I’m trying to start the program, I get a message box saying: MoBiMouse cannot be started more than once.

In Windows XP, the MoBiMouse Icon is sometimes hidden by the operating system .

You may want to turn off the following option:

Taskbar properties / Hide inactive icons;

or you can set the MoBiMouse 6 icon to be always visible after clicking on the Customize button.

If you are still unable to make the MoBiMouse icon appear, try opening Task Manager and ending the process called mobimouse.exe.

MoBiMouse turns off ClearType at startup. Why?

MoBiMouse 6 uses optical character recognition in some cases, which is unfortunately incompatible with ClearType, therefore it must be turned off for correct operation.

When starting MoBiMouse in Windows 2000, I get an Invalid entry point error message.

MoBiMouse 6 does not support Windows 2000.

However, the problem can usually be solved by installing Microsoft Debugging Tools, and then copying dbghelp.dll from the folder Debugging Tools for Windows (x86) to the MoBiMouse 6 program folder (C:\Program Files\MBMP6).

Text recognition

How to use MoBiMouse in Adobe Acrobat Reader?

You need a plug-in to use MoBiMouse in Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded to your computer by running MorphoLogic Updates.

First uncheck the Use only certified plug-ins option in Acrobat Reader’s general settings.

MoBiMouse 6 works with Acrobat Reader version 6 or higher. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use MoBiMouse with copy-protected documents. Please note that unlike in previous versions of MoBiMouse, there is no toolbar icon appearing in Adobe Reader.

How to use MoBiMouse in Mozilla Firefox?

MoBiMouse 6 can recognize text in Mozilla Firefox (2.x, 3.x) after installing an extension. If Firefox is installed on your computer at the time of installing MoBiMouse 6, the extension will also be installed automatically.
If you need to install the extension manually (e.g. your Firefox version has changed), you can download the extension here.

Can MoBiMouse recognize text in games?

It depends on how the game displays text.
1. If your game displays text as bitmaps, MoBiMouse won’t be able to read it.
2. If your game uses windows fonts to display text, MoBiMouse may be able to recognize it, if you add the font to Active fonts in MoBiMouse’s Font Settings dialog.

Can MoBiMouse recognize scanned documents?

Not directly. MoBiMouse can only recognize text written in Windows fonts on the computer’s screen. You need to convert your scanned document to a text file using some kind of OCR software before you can use it with MoBiMouse.

Which fonts will MoBiMouse recognize by default?

Some system fonts are automatically recognized by MoBiMouse 6, these appear in red in the Font Settings dialog.
You can add any font installed on your computer to the list of active fonts.

How can I find out which font is used in a document?

MoBiMouse 6 can read any font in some commonly used applications, but in others, only optical recognition is available, and in this case you must make sure that the given font is added to MoBiMouse’s list of active fonts. To help you identify fonts, MoBiMouse shows you samples of the selected font in the Font Settings dialog, so you can compare it with the text you wish to translate. You can even overwrite the sample text with your own text making the comparison even easier. Often you will find the font type in the application’s settings. In browsers, the HTML source may show the font name, which can be viewed by clicking on View Source/Page Source.

Can I use MoBiMouse in a DOS (console) window?

Yes, but first you must choose a font that can be added to MoBiMouse’s list of active fonts (e.g. Lucida Console).
You can set the console font in the DOS window’s system menu in Properties/Font.

MoBiMouse doesn’t work correctly in Microsoft Word.

MoBiMouse 6 recognizes all fonts in Office 2000 and newer.

In earlier versions, please check if
1. the font you are trying to recognize is added to the list of Active fonts
2. zoom is set to 100%
3. you are using the correct regional variant of the font (Central-European (CE) / Western-European (WE))
4. the text cursor is outside the word you are trying to translate. (If it isn’t, please move it somewhere else)
If none of the above helps, and you are still experiencing problems, try selecting the text and setting font spacing to 105-110%. This may increase the readability of text in Word documents.

MoBiMouse 6 recognizes only fragments of words, or recognizes words incorrectly.

Please check whether the font you are trying to recognize is added to MoBiMouse’s list of Active fonts. Right-click on the MoBiMouse system tray icon and select Font Settings. You can add fonts to the list in this dialog. During installation, the most commonly used fonts are added to the list automatically, so you need to add new fonts to the list only if you are using special fonts. Text displayed as bitmaps (rather than Windows fonts) cannot be recognized by MoBiMouse.

During installation, the most commonly used fonts are added to the list automatically, so you need to add new fonts to the list only if you are using special fonts. Text displayed as bitmaps (rather than Windows fonts) cannot be recognized by MoBiMouse.

How to add new fonts to the list of Active Fonts?

You can find detailed instructions in MoBiMouse Help in section Setting Fonts...


Dictionary Content, Searching in the Dictionary

Can I access dictionary content directly, i.e. can I enter the word I’m looking for using the keyborad?

You can open a dictionary window by clicking on Results in Window in the MoBiMouse menu. You can enter the word in the search bar at the top of the window.


Displaying entries

How can I see the rest of the entries when they don’t fit in the bubble? How can I scroll down?

You can scroll down in a MoBiMouse 6 bubble using the mouse wheel. If you would like to see the complete list of hits, use the Results in Window option.




If you don’t find the answer to your question, contact Product Support. Please indicate your e-mail address and we will get back to you with the solution, or ask for further details if necessary.