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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is a supplement to MoBiCAT Help. We recommend you to read the help file also.

General questions, hardware and system requirements
Installing and Removing
Text recognition
Linguistic content
Displaying matches

General questions, hardware and system requirements

How do I access the menu of MoBiCAT?

If you click the right mouse-button on the MoBiCAT icon on your taskbar, the following menu appears

How fast does the internet connection need to be?

MoBiCAT can be used even with a slower dial-in connection, because only a relatively small amount of data is transmitted (usually just a single sentence).

What system requirements does MoBiCAT have?

MoBiCAT is simply a client application which sends the sentence you want to be translated and displays the translation you receive. Therefore its hardware requirements are low. Translation time is determined by the on-line transmission speed and the capacity of the MetaMorpho server.


F2 does not open a new window

F2 is an internet shortcut. If you want the feedback panel to be opened in a new window, you have to turn off the following option in the Internet Explorer menu: Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Browsing/Reuse windows for launching shortcuts.)

Can I use MoBiCAT to translate my e-mails?

Yes, you can. Choose the option Tools/Settings/Format/Usage of Microsoft Word in your Microsoft Outlook. But be careful, the usage of this option reduces the protection level of your computer.

Installing and removing

Does it work with Acrobat?

Install program recognizes your default Acrobat Reader and installs necessary plug-ins.
If you install Acrobat later, run MoBiCAT setup again.
MoBiCAT Tool icon must appear among the Acrobat Toolbars ( also can be found under more buttons ). Turn it on.
If it still not visible then check this setting: Preferences/Settings/Startup/Start/Use only certified plug-ins. This must be unchecked. (On change you must restart Acrobat.)
Here you can download MoBiCAT Acrobat (Reader) plug-ins for the different Acrobat versions. Unzip the file to Acrobat (Reader) plug_ins directory (overwrite previous, if any). You might need this if you have different Acrobat versions on your computer.

Note: MoBiCAT cannot read protected files. You can check the protection state of the PDF file at File/Document Properties.


MoBiCAT does not work in Acrobat opened in an Internet Explorerben window.

Occurs rarely. Solution: save the PDF to your computer and open it from there

MoBiCAT does not work in Firefox.

MoBiCAT setup installs the Firefox plugin. If this fails or you upgrade to a newer version you might need the reinstallation of the plugin from
here .


After install I got this message: "There is no connection with the MetaMorpho server."

Your firewall may block MoBiCAT to access to the port 80 (HTTP). Please enable. You may also want to set the proxy name and address in the Proxy Settings

Text recognition

The MoBiCAT tool-tip bubble doesn't show

MoBiCAT works only in Microsoft Internet Explorer(5 és afelett), Mozilla Firefox (1.0.x, 1.5.x), Microsoft Word (2000, XP, 2003) and Adobe Acrobat (4 and above) . Contrary to MoBiMouse, MoBiCAT does not work with other programs, or on the Windows Desktop.

MoBiCAT appears slowly in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer forwards the selected text to MoBiCAT only when the requested page is fully loaded. This is indicated by (Done) on the Status Bar.

The title and the paragraph coalesce in the bubble in Adobe Acrobat and the translation is wrong

Older versions of Acrobat did not support the precise recognition of paragraph delimiters. Download 7.0, where the above problem has been solved.

Linguistic content

How large is the dictionary, which MetaMorpho uses?

The current MetaMorpho dictionary comprises 45 thousand words. However, by means of a unique technology, the program stores words, expressions and higher-level grammatical entities in a uniform way. It is thus more accurate to say that it contains over 200 thousand linguistic patterns.

Is the dictionary being expanded?

Yes, new words and expressions are added by our staff on the basis of the feedback we receive. H

Is translation between other language pairs available?

Not yet. Hungarian-English version is under development in cooperation with with the Hungarian Research Institute for Linguistics and with the Szeged University of Sciences.

Sometimes, underlined words appear in the bubble. In such cases translation is usually weak. Why does this happen?

The program indicates unknown words in the input text: it underlines them and simply displays them unchanged in the translation. In such cases the text is broken into two parts by the unknown word, and translation will result from the two fragments on both sides of the unknown item. If the interpretation of the entire sentence can not be created, the translation is usually less accurate.

Displaying matches

There is no room for the simultaneous display of a MoBiMouse and a MoBiCAT bubble on the screen.

Scroll the currently displayed text upwards or downwards. If that does not help, try to set your screen resolution to a larger value. Thus more text can be displayed in the bubble.

The program does not display all translations but it displays three dots and indicates that further translations are available. Can I scroll the text downwards to see more?

There is no such feature in the present version, but we aim to solve the problem.


If you still could not find the answer please contact us Send us your e-mail address, and the MT Support team will reply to you in two days time.